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The Bespoke Business Training Provider

We design, develop and deliver training tailor-made to your needs so you get the results you want for you, your people and your organisation. Whether just starting out, looking to grow or improve performance and productivity.

Arcadia Alive is a bespoke business training and development consultancy that specialises in delivering exceptional human factor consultancy, training and development via a fusion of two disciplines: psychology and management

We believe ultimately it is people that will make the difference and there is research activity in Insead University in Paris, that suggest that long-term sustainable competitive advantage only comes from people. Their reasoning being whether it’s the Products, Services, Systems or Processes that give a company its advantage, currently they are all underpinned by people and they can be copied. But the one thing that you cannot copy are the people themselves.

Though there is an often used cliché that people are our most important asset, organisations do not always treat them this way and my challenge to the managers I work with is: if you were the only person who had turned up for work tomorrow how much of what your organisation does, could you do?

If we accept that people are essential, it is then getting the best out of those people and their skill level then productivity and competitive advantage will come.

The Bespoke Business Training Provider

All Arcadia Alive programmes are designed and developed by Psychologists and Management Consultants to ensure that our programmes are applicable and will bring benefits to organisations and individuals.

Arcadia Facilitators
Our Programme facilitators have had psychological, counselling and facilitation training and most are qualified psychologists from behavioural, organisational or clinical backgrounds.

The skill of these facilitators is in helping the individuals and managers understand often underlying and hidden issues within themselves, creating the internal desire to bring about the changes required to address those issues and then providing additional tools and resources to create new ways of behaving.

They deliver powerful and effective programmes employing a blend of facilitation, coaching and action-learning techniques that maximise people’s learning abilities. The emphasis is always on collaborative learning that helps people to take an active stance and which results in individuals taking responsibility and ownership for personal and behavioural change.

Our facilitators’ skill and experience further enable them to effectively accommodate the diversity of delegates:

  • In various permanent and semi-permanent characteristics such as personality traits, abilities, size and strength, vision, hearing and dexterity.
  • In their knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and values due to previous and on-going experiences and learning, both from their current immediate work environment and from other current and previous environments.
  • In temporary characteristics such as energy levels, stress, satisfaction, motivation, which can vary on a day by day basis and may be caused by factors in the work or non-work environments that the individual operates in.

All of our programmes are tailored to your specific needs to help you get the best out of your people. Delivered 1-2-1 or in groups, face-2-face, e-learning, online or blended we will create a solution tailored to you and your learners needs.

As the World Economic Forum white paper:  Accelerating Workforce Reskilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution states:

“The way we work, the skills we need to thrive in our jobs and the trajectories of our careers are rapidly evolving. These changes—driven by technological innovation, demographics, shifting business models and nature of work—are significantly altering the skills demanded by the labour market. Over one in four adults surveyed in the OECD reported a mismatch between their current skills and the qualifications required for their jobs. Furthermore, approximately 35% of the skills demanded for jobs across industries will change by 2020.”

Please complete the contact form for a free, no obligation, consultation on the behaviours you need to change in your organisation or call us at 08545 2600126

New knowledge and skills are essential but not enough it is in the application, the implementation of that knowledge and those skills that change the behaviour that produces the results.

Unfortunately a lot of training does not produce the results wanted because it does not change behaviour. We blend two disciplines; Psychology and Management to support people in delivering sustainable and measurable behavioural change

Let us help you get the right support at the right time to the right people enabling them to optimise their performance.

We believe these are some fundamental principles:
  • Focus on learning, not training
  • Focus on developing the person, not just the skills and knowledge
  • Help people learn in the way that suits them best (learning styles)
  • Ensure the learning outcomes are meaningful, relevant and implementable
  • Ensure key themes of diversity, equality and inclusion, management standards and values, staff health and well-being are integral to all the training
  • Adapt training in light of evaluation
  • Focus on adult training principles
    • (self-directed learning, goal-oriented, relevant to their roles)
  • Develop learning outcomes that address knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes (KSBAs)
  • Ensure all content relates to agreed learning outcomes
  • Use a blended learning approach
  • Encourage feedback and evaluation and act on it
  • Encourage interaction and challenge during sessions
  • We all achieve more through collaboration
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