Aligning Business & Personal Goals

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” — Gandhi

One of the most common mistakes we see people making when starting their business is not being clear on exactly what the business is to be or achieve, beyond replacing or creating an income.

The other challenge we see is that people do not align their personal and business goals. It appears obvious on reflection that sustaining a business is much easier when the business is also providing what you want personally.

You may have heard the expression, working ON my business as opposed to working IN my business.  I think you should also consider: is my business working for me? Or am I working for my business?

When running a successful business, you need to get the balance right.

Absolutely you must satisfy your customers, but you also want the lifestyle that suits you and the income you need.  Getting these three right is essential for long-term sustainability because if you are only satisfying customers and gaining the income and it does not provide the lifestyle, you are going to burn out.

If you are satisfying customers and you’ve got the lifestyle but not generating the income you need, that will not work.  And maybe you can run a business for a short time by having the lifestyle and income but if you are not satisfying customers then it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run.

Your business needs to get the balance right across all three.

Let us start by talking about what you want, your targets and your goals.

Imagine this wheel represents your world:


My argument is that the hub around which your whole world turns is your health and if you have ever been ill, all you want to do is crawl under the covers and forget everything else.

The bearing that keeps it running smoothly or not, is your relationship with your significant other. When that is working there is two of you taking on the world but when it is not, it has a knock-on impact on everything else in your world.

The other segments, not in any order, are:

  • The wider family; the kids, parents, siblings
  • Friends; having a few good friends you can talk about anything with is worth its weight in gold for your mental health
  • In a world where we do for others: our children, our partners, our employers it is really important we have some time just for us, for our fun & leisure, and that does not mean you cannot involve others, it’s just primarily about doing what you want
  • The brain is a bit like a muscle and if you do not work a muscle, you lose its’ strength and power and if you do not work your brain by learning new things, over time you’ll lose its power and strength
  • Your physical environment includes all the elements of your physical world; your home, your clothes, your car; your appliances and technology
  • The contribution I talk about in two ways; The contribution we get paid for our work and careers and the contribution we do not get paid for in the community
  • Finances are never far from people’s minds and especially now
  • Then we are human beings, not human doings, so we all need some space to be and not to do, time to enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers, enjoy being in nature
  • And finally, the tyre or the air in the tyre that shields us from the bumps on the road of life I call spirit, not in any religious senses but our self-efficacy, how good we feel about ourselves


In our programmes, we ask clients to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how happy they are with each section.  Where 1 is not happy at all and 10 is perfect right now.


The point I make to them is there are no right or wrong answers it’s just an exercise to notice where they are at right now.  Typically, some scores are low some are high.  The low scores are like flat spots where your world goes dudunk and the higher scores remind us not everything is bad.

The point for you and your business is the targets you set for you and your business should improve the shape of your wheel and provide an overall direction for you and your business.

Start by defining what would 10/10 look like for each segment.  Then ask; how can my own business help me achieve that?

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