Business Start Right Programme for Women

Arcadia Alive Start Right Programme

Why don’t more women own and run businesses?

Is it because they lack the confidence or skills?

Or because of all the additional responsibilities that women have around; childcare, running the household, and supporting parents?

Or due to the lack of business support and funding?

You know all of these can be addressed so you can have the flexibility you want, the independence you need and the financial security you desire.  All of which can come from running your own business.

Confidence & Skills

There is a disparity that exists between female and male entrepreneurs and that is unacceptable. One of the reasons is that, sadly, for years women have been fed the message, in some cases, explicitly and some implicitly that women don’t run businesses.

Not surprising then that many lack the confidence that they can do this.

Most of us base our confidence on two things: knowledge and experience.  When we have a lot of both we are confident but when we have little of either one or both it can hinder us greatly.

You know you can learn new skills and with the right support gain the experience you need to build your confidence. We just need to get you in to the right environment to enable that.

Confidence & Skills
Arcadia Alive Support

One thing a lot of people fail to appreciate is just how much women have to do outside of their ‘work’.  There might be the children, household chores, ageing parents and sorting out all your social arrangements and engagements.

Which leads many to ask: How can I fit running a business on top of all that?

The key is your business model. There are business models that you can build around your life.

When you’re employed your life has to fit around your job, and so you end up just living to work instead of working to live.

A business model will map out who your customers are, how to get them and build those relationships so that you can create consistent revenue streams and the resources, activities and partners you will need to do that so you can understand your costs.

So, whether you’re starting it on the side where it may grow to replace your job or planning to do it full time.With the right skills and support you can build a business that does work around your life.

Allowing you to spend the majority of your time doing what you love to do safe in the knowledge everything else is taken care of.


I get it.  Money matters and starting a business requires some investment.  That level of investment depends on your business and getting the right amount is crucial.  60% of businesses fail in their first year and a huge part of that is they got it wrong and ran out of cash.

You can start a business today with very little money.  The key to this in getting your business model right, understanding how to calculate the money you need and, if required, funding it.

Here’s the good news, there are a great many grants and funds just for women, just for female entrepreneurs.  Finding the right one for your needs and know how to apply for them is what matters.

Invest in You

Investing in coaching and training to acquire those skills is a key-way of increasing the chances of achieving business success.  That is where the Arcadia Alive comes in weare here to support you to start, run and grow a successful business.

The Business Start Right Programme is designed to give women starting a business the knowledge, information and support you need to get things right first time.


The Business Start Right Programme

Aim to build a global network of female business owners will the skills,
funding and support to run and grow successful businesses

It is made up of three elements:

Start Right:

To put in place the foundations that you and your business will need in order to succeed

Ready to Open:

To put in place all the resources, processes and systems you will need to be successful

Grow Right:

To support you through that crucial first year of operations and develop your leadership and business management skills so you can grow and scale your business to the level of success you have defined

If this has resonated with you and you are interested in learning more about the skills you’ll need, the right model for you, and getting your funding right to start your own successful business we have prepared a free training session that will take you into more detail on all these subjects. We’ll also cover the big mistakes you will want to avoid, to make it easier for you to start your own business.

Start Right Grow RIght
Because in life: ‘If You Don’t Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs’ Please click and book your slot and let’s start building yours.