Cognitive Screening Assessment

Online assessment

Arcadia have been providing Psychological Assessments as well as other types of assessments for many years.

Historically, these have been face-to-face, but we are now able to provide these assessments remotely using a combination of online assessment batteries with interviews and feedback undertaken through Zoom, Teams or other.

We have found that remote assessments and interviews allow flexibility, with no problems with building the rapport necessary to be able to provide a reliable and valid assessment.

They are cost-effective and provide, where necessary, the flexibility to allow for the assessment process to be broken up into chunks to have breaks, or to run the sessions over several sessions.

Cognitive Assessment Cognitive-Screening-Assessment

The Cognitive Screening Assessment Covers:

Processing Speed

Measure: How well a subject recognises and processes information i.e., perceiving, attending/responding to incoming information, motor speed, fine motor coordination, and visual‐perceptual ability.

Relevance: Ability to recognise and respond/react i.e., fitness‐to‐drive, occupation issues, possible danger/risk signs or issues with accuracy and detail.

Executive Function

Measure: How well a subject recognises rules, categories, and manages or navigates rapid decision making.

Relevance: Ability to sequence tasks and manage multiple tasks simultaneously as well as tracking and responding to a set of instructions.

Complex Attention

Measure: Ability to track and respond to information over lengthy periods of time and/or perform mental tasks requiring vigilance quickly and accurately.

Relevance: Self‐regulation and behavioural control.

Cognitive Flexibility

Measure: How well a subject is able to adapt to rapidly changing and increasingly complex set of directions and/or to manipulate the information.

Relevance: Reasoning, switching tasks, decision‐making, impulse control, strategy formation, attending to conversation.

Working Memory

Measure: How well a subject can perceive and attend to symbols using short‐term memory processes.

Relevance: Ability to carry out short‐term memory tasks that support decision making, problem solving, planning, and execution. Enables “right‐now” responses.

Sustained Attention

Measure: How well a subject can direct and focus cognitive activity on specific stimuli.

Relevance: How well a subject can focus and complete task or activity, sequence action, and focus during complex thought.

Psychological Functioning

Measure: An assessment of symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

Relevance:The state of a subject’s mental health and the impact on attentional control


  • Complete the booking form
  • We will arrange a suitable time and date to complete the assessment
  • The assessment is undertaken:
    • The screening assessment will last 40-60 minutes
    • You will need a quiet room for the participant
    • You will need a computer with internet access
  • A Report is sent within 72 hrs, covering:
    • Results
    • Recommendations

We are able to contact the employee before the Assessment to address any concerns and to explain the process.

Via Zoom or Teams, the psychologist and employee are able to see each other, and this ensures that good rapport can develop.  This allows screens to be shared to ensure that monitoring of completed exercises can be simple and effective.

All the psychometric tools can be completed online.

The process is quicker and more cost-effective and as noted there is greater flexibility in terms of the timing of assessments. Through assessing online there are no delays to being able to support the return of employees to their jobs.

Assessment Process
Please complete the contact form for you would like to know more about or book our Cognitive Assessment or call us at 08545 2600126