Earth Day

Earth Day 2021 is the 22nd of April. The theme is Restore Our Earth™

The world is witnessing dramatic changes in the environment, in technology, in the economy and in society. ‘Business as usual’ is no longer acceptable, and the question is how long can the world continue pursuing consumption and growth predicated on ever-increasing efficiency? The Coronavirus pandemic has amplified concerns about the highly interconnected and vulnerable state of the global economy, the relationship with nature and the prospects for each living being on this planet, including people, to survive and to thrive.

To navigate and survive the coming decade of transformative change, every business will need to harness all the ingenuity, creativity and imagination we can muster. We need CEOs and entrepreneurs to steer the economy and their businesses away from relying on the exploitation of nature and people and towards a new model of prosperity, based on green and regenerative principles. It is time for us as leaders in business to overhaul the purpose, plans and strategies for this new context and explore different futures, engage with new partners and create space for experimentation.

All over the world, sustainability is becoming a high priority for consumers, clients and employees. People want to know their work and money will go towards a business that supports the community, and that works to lessen their impact on the environment.

As businesses, we must evaluate our purchasing, energy, waste, transportation and equity practices to eliminate our contributions to climate change and injustice. These efforts will serve to improve the world and our businesses.

We need thorough and authentic measures to address sustainability in our businesses, to build brand trust, increase staff investment, lower operating costs, and increase resiliency to the growing risks climate change presents.

With so much at stake, clinging to business-as-usual is not just risky, but a narrow and irresponsible approach. The only way to prepare for the future is to explore how our companies can take on and nurture a positive approach, starting today.

Here are few ideas from™


  • Reduce paper usage by printing on both sides, using digital files, or implementing paper-free days
  • Provide opportunities to teleconference rather than travel when possible
  • Repair and update old equipment before replacing it. When it must go, research donation or eco-friendly disposal options
  • Turn electronics off when not in use, enable auto-sleep options to save energy



  • Donate a percentage of your employees’ time to volunteer in community projects
  • Create a Green Team of dedicated staff who will lead sustainability initiatives
  • Give incentives and recognition for staff contributions
  • Post reminders around the facility for staff and customers to turn off lights when not in use
  • Encourage recycling by providing recycling stations. Collect hard-to-recycle materials like office supplies to send to appropriate recycling facilities
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability at every level



  • Host your own event, like tree-planting, a clean-up or Teach-In
  • Sponsor a local student group to conduct an environmental project
  • Adopt a river, roadway or vulnerable species
  • Promote environmental awareness on company social media
  • Challenge other business in your community to go green
  • Host a competition to see who can reduce their emissions the most!



  • Switch to post-consumer wastepaper products, LED light bulbs, and rechargeable batteries
  • Hire a green cleaning company or purchase eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Create a company garden or green roof
  • Plant native species to support pollinators and reduce run-off
  • Implement compost collection and host a workshop on reducing food waste
  • Conduct an energy audit to identify efficiency improvements. Replace equipment with energy efficient options
  • Switch to a renewable utility provider
  • Switch to renewable auto-fleet


EARTHDAY.ORG™ works in countries around the world to drive meaningful action for our planet across these issues:

  • Climate Action
  • Science and Education
  • People and Communities
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Plastic and Pollution

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