The Grow Right Programme

Once you are open, we then move into the third element Grow Right and the aim here is to support you right through that crucial first year of operation by developing your leadership and business management skills so you can grow and scale your business to the level of success you have defined

Grow right will give you:

  • All the support you need from our team of expert business coaches to deal with any challenges that come up in your first year as you grow and scale
  • The Leadership & Management skills required by a business owner
  • The skills to manage performance
  • Best practices when it comes to chasing late payments
  • Help to build your business network
  • The knowledge to ensuring your meetings are effective
  • The tools to maintaining your work/life balance
  • A system to develop your staff
  • The resources to handle complaints and returns
  • The strategies to deal with the unexpected through business continuity management
  • The process controls to maintain your quality standards
  • The knowledge to create a culture of continuous improvement
  • The project management skills to manage improvement projects
  • Methods to develop and launch new products and services
  • Ways to increase and accelerate sales
  • Steps you need to take to scale your business

You will be invited to join the Arcadia Alive Business Network.  The Network meetings are monthly online calls and offer business owners to promote their business, network with likeminded business owners, seek support and help from their peers.

The Grow Right Programme

Modules included cover:

Module 1:
  • How do I become the leader of my business?
  • What leadership style is right for me?
  • What leadership Skills will I need?
Module 2:
  • How and what do I delegate?
  • What must I do?
  • What should I delegate?
  • How and to whom should I delegate?
Module 3:
  • How do I deal with staff?
  • How to I manage staff performance?
  • Dealing with personal issues
Module 4:
  • How will I keep the team motivated?
  • Understanding motivation
  • Motivating staff
  • Keeping myself motivated
Module 5:
  • How do I manage performance?
  • Understanding performance
  • Measuring performance
  • Managing performance
Module 6:
  • Chasing late payments
  • Credit risk
  • Doing everything you can to be paid on time
  • Managing late payments
Module 7:
  • How do I build a network?
  • Why build a network?
  • The value of associates
Module 8:
  • How do I make sure meetings are effective?
  • Types of meetings
  • Getting things done in meetings
Module 9:
  • How will I maintain a work/life balance?
  • Looking after your own health and wellbeing.
Module 10:
  • How do I develop my staff?
  • Staff appraisals
  • Staff development plans
Module 11:
  • How do I develop mine and my staffs Leadership & Management capability?
  • Build a business of leaders
  • In order to step up you need other to step up
Module 12:
  • How do I handle complaints and returns?
  • How do I collect testimonials?
  • Complaints as opportunities
Module 13:
  • How should I deal with the unexpected?
  • Managing Risk
  • Business Continuity Management
Module 14:
  • How do I maintain quality standards?
  • Defining quality
  • Managing Quality
Module 15:
  • How do I create a culture of continuous improvement?
  • Green and Growing
  • Kaizen
Module 16:
  • How do I manage improvement projects?
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
Module 17:
  • How do I develop new products/services?
  • What research and development should I be doing?
  • Advanced Problem Solving
Module 18:
  • How do I launch new products /services?
  • How to expand your offering
Module 19:
  • How do I increase / accelerate sales?
  • Scaling
  • Expanding capacity
Module 20:
  • How do I scale to the next level?

As with the Start Right and Ready to Open elements the training is on demand so you can access it when and where you want, and you will be supported through each module with a weekly peer coaching group and 4 more 1-2-1 coaching sessions with our expert business coaches.

Plus full access to the Arcadia Alive Business Network