The Grow Right Programme for New Businesses

The Grow Right Programme is designed to support you through that all important first grow phase

Congratulations you have stepped up and shown the courage and bravery to take action when most don’t.  A recent survey showed 50% of people talk about starting their own business yet only 3% do.  You have elevated yourself into an elite group. You have your own business and now it is time for it and you to grow.

Grow Right The-Grow-Right-Programme-for-New-Businesses

Arcadia Alive Grow Right Programme

The Grow Right Programme is here to help you do just that.  The programme is structured to help you and your business to grow and includes:

  • Leading your team to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Planning & Allocating Work efficiently and effectively
  • Managing staff and Motivating staff for higher performance
  • Managing Cashflow efficiently and effectively
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Achieving the Work / Life Balance you want
  • Staff development to raise performance
  • Leadership & Management Development for you and your team
  • Collecting & dealing with customer feedback
  • Business Continuity Management to mitigate risk
  • Research & development of new or improved products and services
  • Project Management to deliver change
  • Management Communication as you grow to keep your team on the same page
  • Cyber Security to protect and mitigate against cyber criminals
  • Growing sales
  • New Product launch
  • Performance Management
  • How to build a successful sales pipeline that keeps business coming in
  • Setting and implementing customer service standards
  • Developing and executing your business strategy
  • Making powerful presentations to win business
  • Negotiating and networking with suppliers and customers
  • Growing and managing your supplier base and those that provide support services
  • Inducting new staff into the business so they are productive from day one
  • Understanding how to motivate your staff to get the best out of them
  • Setting and maintaining your businesses quality standards
  • Managing remote workers, contractors and associates
  • Leading effective outcome focused meetings
  • Managing your and your staffs’ stress
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Understanding discipline
  • Complying with Health & Safety requirements
  • Managing and improving your businesses performance
  • Solving problems and making timely and effective decisions
  • Staying ahead though harnessing creativity and innovation

With this comprehensive programme there is an option to attain a ILM Leadership & Management Diploma

Please complete the contact form for you would like to know more about our Grow Right Programme or call 08545 2600126