Leadership & Management Programmes

When you have your own Leadership & Management Model and need a programme to support it

We have designed, developed and delivered Leadership & management Programmes based on an organisation’s specific requirements.

For Example 1:

An NHS Trust was looking for a provider that can partner with them to create bespoke leadership programme to be delivered to their:

  • New Leaders
  • Talent Development Pool

An NHS Trust was looking for a provider that can partner with them to create bespoke leadership programme to be delivered to their:

  • Inspiring Shared Purpose
  • Leading with Care
  • Evaluating Information
  • Connecting our Service
  • Sharing the Vision
  • Engaging the Team
  • Holding to Account
  • Developing Capability
  • Influencing for Results
Leadership & Management Programmes NHS-National-Health-Service
Working with the Trust we:
  • Define the learner’s journey
  • Determine specific learning outcomes (Knowledge, Skills, Behaviours,Attitudes) for each module
  • Identify the Band and level of experience of those on the programmes
  • Agree diagnostics to be used to assess current capability levels
  • Agree pre-module reading/assignments
  • Agree suitable issues for Action Learning Sets
  • Agree appropriate assignments to assess learning
  • How Human Factors relate to the programmes
Each module was accompanied by a module specific workbook which will include:
  • Salient PowerPoint slides
  • Overview of the theory
  • Case Studies and scenarios
  • Exercises to complete
  • Assignment details with completion notes
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Notes pages for reflections
In agreement with the Trust delivery style will include:
  • PowerPoint (minimal)
  • Debates and discussions
  • Sub-group activities
  • Videos
  • Role-plays
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Webinars
  • Questionnaires
The programme was a huge success, perhaps best summarised by these comments from a participant:

“I can justly say that I feel my managerial skills have improved vastly since beginning this course.

Feedback from My Team

Since I began the Talent Development course I have asked for feedback 3 times from my team. I asked for honest feedback on how effective they felt my management style is.

I used the CIPD tool (Managing for Sustainable Employment Engagement) for each feedback session, along with some questions I made myself.

I have seen a positive change in many of the criteria.

I have picked the 5 criteria that I feel I have improved the most and demonstrate that my communicative skills are stronger than they were before:

Criteria Feedback 1 – June Feedback 2– October Feedback 3 – January
Passes on stress to the team Neither Agree or Disagree (Sometimes) Disagree Strongly Disagree
Is consistent in management approach Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
Acts calmly in pressured situations Strongly Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree (Sometimes) Agree
Communicates and sets objectives clearly and concisely Neither Agree or Disagree (Sometimes) Agree Strongly Agree
Listens to ideas and opinions honestly and openly Neither Agree or Disagree (Sometimes) Agree Strongly Agree

I have seen a noticeable and positive leap forward in productivity of the team and the team seem a lot more content than they were at the start. A number of things contribute to this, one being that the team are more embedded within the organisation now, and also that I feel a lot more confident in my own abilities, as well as my teams.

I also gathered feedback from my manager on 2 occasions.

The 3 biggest improvements that they have noticed are around:

  • Working at an operational level
  • Engaging my team
  • Having a larger and noticeable presence throughout the Trust.

My manager has commented on the progress I have made in how I work at a more operational level.”

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For Example 2:

WALK is a Charity based in Dublin, Ireland

Their Mission:

‘We are leaders in a movement for change, empowering people with disabilities to lead self-determined lives in an equal and inclusive society’

Aim of the WALK Leadership Training Course:

This Leadership Training Course is designed as part of wider strategy to develop a high performance way of working that yields high quality results in the context of the services delivered by WALK.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service requires excellence in Leadership. Our Leaders set the ‘tone’ for the organisation and as such they must inspire and empower people to achieve greatness for both the individuals they serve and the organisation itself. WALK wants leaders to take a strong lead in quality improvement activities and ensuring that these activities becoming embedded in the organisation.

This training grew out of a recognised need to strengthen Leadership skills through a Training Needs Analysis and a review of the Competency Framework.

Our aim is to equip people in Managerial & Leadership positions in WALK with the knowledge and skills to lead staff towards the achievement of the best service possible. The training is a step towards building a culture of high performance which yields high quality outcomes for the men and women we support.

WALK Leadership Training Course

The programme was designed around 4 Modules:

Module 1:
What it means to be a Leader in WALK
  • Leading By Example
  • Reliability-Trusted to Do What you Say you are Going to Do
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence & its Impact
  • Working from an Adult Ego State
  • Reflective Practice & the Importance of Learning from Mistakes
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Leadership Training
Module 2:
  • Understanding Effective Management Practices
  • Performance Development Management
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Effective Meetings
Module 3:
Leading Others
  • Team Development
  • Motivating Others
  • Coaching
  • Empowering Others
  • Building Trust
  • Authentic Trust in Each Other
  • Building Interdependence
  • Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Change
  • Inspiring openness and transparency
  • Valuing Challenge and Innovation
Module 4:
Leading Communication
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Articulating Expectations
  • Dialogue & Reaching Consensus & Decision Making
In the feedback WALK told us:

WALK has been left with a legacy of tools, resources and skills to enable the organisation to manage and adapt to future challenges it faces in the economic environment.

Feedback in the final workshop indicated that there had been a shift in a number of the participants from being reactive to the problems and issues they faced in their everyday roles, to one where they felt willing and able to take a much more proactive approach.

The programme has widened participant’s networks within WALK and given them greater insight into overall organisation

The programme raised questions and engagement around WALK’s principles, values and goals that will feed into the next strategic review.

Given the wide levels of knowledge and experience, based on the feedback sheets, everyone got something really useful out of every workshop.

Comments from participants:
  • Very practical and focused on our project teams – made the learning very relevant
  • Varied, interactive, all content could be applied to my work
  • Relevant to my job
  • Looking at what I can do as well as the organisation
  • Really enjoyed the day!
  • Excellent
  • Engaged well
  • Friendly
  • Interactive & knowledgeable
  • Course consistently flowed from one section to the next
  • Very useful content, applicable to any work relationship
  • Very good
  • Particularly good at responding to unexpected topics and questions
  • Engaging, practical and useful for workplace
  • Excellent content knowledge
  • Interesting & engaging
  • Engaging and able to allow others to make points
  • Useful in any role
  • Good mix of practice and teaching
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