Ready to Open

Ready to Open will give you

  • Peace of mind on all the legal, regulatory, and financial needs of your business
  • A pipeline of customers
  • The systems and processes needed to run your business
  • The skills and confidence to present your business
  • An understanding of the numbers that matter in your business
  • The communication skills
  • The knowhow to build your team and put in place the suppliers you need for your business

Once you have the essential foundations in place from the Start Right element of the programme and don’t worry, we will stick with you if you need to go through a couple of iterations to get them just right for you. The most important thing is you are happy and confident this is the business for you.

Ready To Open
The Ready to Open
You can move on to The Ready to Open element next which focuses on building all the parts and putting in place all the resources you need to open and run your successful business.
Module 1

Walks you through step-by-step all the legal, regulatory and financial requirements for your business.

Module 2

Shows you how to build a sales pipeline with the right mix of online and offline marketing to feed your business a continuous stream of new customers and maintain and strengthen relationships with those customers, so they keep coming back to you.

Module 3

Teaches you how to build the systems and processes you need for your business to run smoothly utilising the most appropriate technology for you and your business.

Module 4

Will give you the confidence and skills you need to present your business whether to prospective clients, suppliers, investors or employees.

Module 5

Focuses on defining and understanding the numbers that matter in your business so you will know what and when you need to focus on to improve your business.

Module 6

Develops your management communication skills so that you will be able to in any situation feel comfortable and confident communicating with other business people, banks, suppliers, staff and stakeholders.

Module 7

Is all about recruitment, recruitment of suppliers, staff. Building your supply chain and your team defining the right roles and responsibilities for everyone in your business.