Start Right Programme for Start-up Businesses

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

We provide business consulting coaching and training programmes to start up and young businesses,
with the aim of helping those inexperienced business owners “get it right first time”.

Current statistics cite that 60% of businesses fail within their first year.  Reasons for this include lack of cash, no plan, no clear value proposition, reliance on limited number of customers, poor or no marketing and lack of management focusing on working IN the business and not ON the business.

People thinking of setting up a business can be lured by the prospect of being in charge of their own destiny, working on the things they enjoy doing and having lots of free time.

In reality, they are unaware of many of the challenges and pitfalls that a small business owner faces.  Employment doesn’t equip people with the right skills to run a business. What you’ve learned as an employee will not prepare you for being self-employed.

Investing in coaching and training to acquire those skills is a key-way of increasing the chances of achieving business success.  That is where the Arcadia Alive comes in.

We will tell you what no-one tells you about starting a business. The skillset you need to run your own business, even if it’s just you in the business, is completely different than the one you have right now.

You have a great idea and going out on your own is a great opportunity. But, at this point, you don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why 60% of new businesses fail within the first year.

Start Right Programme for Start-up Businesses

That failure can impact your financial security, your personal life, your relationships and your self-confidence.

Arcadia Alive is here to change that.  The Start Right Programme is designed to give anyone starting a business the knowledge, information and support you need to get things right first time.

Get it right and build a successful business.  A successful business that will give you the financial and personal freedom and flexibility that you want.

You’ll find out about all the different jobs that will need doing, just to run your business, and make informed decisions about whether to do them yourself, outsource to experts or employ team members.

You’ll learn about keeping on top of cashflow, because Cash is King.

You’ll learn about mindset, and why it is so important if you’re going to be successful.

You’ll learn so much, that you never even realised you didn’t know.  Most importantly of all, you’ll learn what you need to do to run a successful business, not one that runs you ragged just to pay the bills.

Arcadia Alive Start Right Programme

Arcadia Alive Start Right Programme

The programme is structured to ensure you have everything you and your business will need to Start Right:

# Step The Challenges Transformational Benefits
1 Your Business Owner’s Mindset Have I got what it takes to start and run a business? How will I find/manage my time to do all I need to do? You will have the confidence and mindset to start and run your business
You will know how you can manage your time
2 Your Business Vision, Mission & Objectives What will my business sell and what will it provide for me? You will know what business you want to be in and the why and how your business will provide what you desire
3 Your Marketing & Sales How should I market my business and sell my product(s)/service(s)? You will know how to market your business and how to sell your product(s) / service(s)
4 Your Business Viability Is my business idea viable and sustainable? You will know you have a viable and sustainable business
5 Your Business Structure What legal structure is best for my business and what business model should I use? What systems and processes will I need? You will know the legal structure of your business and the busines model you will use and systems and processes you will need in place
6 Your Business Budget How do I do a business budget and manage cashflow? You will have a business budget
You will know how to manage cashflow
You will know the financial records you must keep and manage payments
7 Your Business Plan What is the plan for my business? You will have a plan for your business

Once you have completed the Start Right programme we will work with you get you Ready to Open by supporting you:

  • To get your Business Funding
  • To be able to Present your Business to potential investors
  • Ensuring you have all your Business Processes ready to go
  • Ensuring you have all Your Business Systems ready to go
  • Ensuring you have all Your Business Polices & Procedures in place
  • Ensure you have Recruited a Team & Engaged the Suppliers you need
  • That you have Resourced up (Legal, Insurance, Banking, workplace Pension, Cyber Protection, Website)
  • Develop and implement your Marketing & Building Your Sales Pipeline
  • Identified and set up all your Business Metrics
  • Ensure your Customer Relationship Management capability is fit for purpose
  • To ensure your Financial Record Keeping is inline with legal and regulatory requirements

When you are open we can offer additional support through your first year in business through our Grow Right Programme.

All our business coaches have set up and run businesses so they bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the realities of running your own business
Please complete the contact form for you would like to know more about our Start Right Programme or call 08545 2600126